About Us

Imagine you're strolling down the boardwalk, when you come across this hip little shack, with some flashy knick knacks in the front, beckoning you to take a moment out of your day to come in and browse. You don't walk in with any intentions, but you are delightfully overwhelmed by the wide variety of gadgets, clothes, accessories, and fun little mementos. After browsing for a few seconds you glance over at a price tag and your jaw drops to the floor... You’re blown away at how affordable everything is and wonder to yourself, "How can they even keep this straw roof over their head." 

After a couple short minutes in heaven, you head over to the cashier with enough gifts in your hands for the whole village. Just as you thought you were about to walk out the door with one of the best deals of your life, you're hit by another curveball... 15% off your entire purchase!

You leave the store, shaken up with tears of joy in your eyes,and immediately send out a mass text message to everyone in your contacts list, letting them know about the amazing experience you just had. Ultimately satisfied, you go on to live your life happily ever, periodically checking in for new deals from time to time.

(This magical story is an accurate depiction of how story of how your experience will be here at Hip Knack Shack. Don't believe us? Here's your 15% off coupon. Enjoy! Promo Code: "THANKS4SHOPPING")